19-January-2009 - Added final entries to Queen of the Air - November - April (end) with photos of sample pages. I plan on putting together a timeline and possible clues to who Monica and Nettie may be.

05-January-2009 - Added Queen of the Air - October transcipt with a photo of a sample page

30-December-2008 - Added Queen of the Air - September transcipt with a photo of a sample page.

29-December-2008 - I found a book, Queen of the Air by John Ruskin, printed sometime in the 1890s.  What is fascinating is not the book itself but the diary that is written in the margins. See my transcription here.

29-November-2008 -Updated my Wicked page

24-October-2008 -Updated my Wicked page - Tweaked the design again, added a video interview with Eden Espinosa and an interview with 5 "Wicked" ladies.

28-September-2008 -Updated my Wicked page - Cleaned up the design again, added a photo of Teal Wicks and Erin Mackey from Wicked LA.

24-February-2008 -Updated my Wicked page - Cleaned up the design a bit, added photos and a review of "Behind the Emerald Curtain" a behind the scenes presentation at Wicked LA.  Updated the Kids Page.  Placed links to the photobooks and slide shows I've made of them along with recent photos.

05-January-2008 -Updated my Wicked page - LA Wicked casting changes.

01-January-2008 -Added an iPhotobook of the kids that I made for Christmas. Also check out pictures of my White Christmas I spent in Colorado this year. I also added pictures of Xena - Skiing!

28 October-2007 -Added Emma's 6th Birthday Party slide show.  She and 6 of her girlfriends dressed up, had a fashion show and tea with lemonaide, PB& J sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, cake, gummy bears, cotton candy, and other goodies.  A fun time was had by al! Unfortunately, my camera battery died midway, so some shots were taken with my camera phone. I made sure I had enough memory cards, but forgot to check the batteries.  Live 'n learn.

08-July-2007 -Updated my "Wicked" page.  Added photos and comments from the Wicked tour stop in Denver (5-07) and the LA Wicked show on 7-7-7 (a magical day!) Be sure to check out the backstage video with Julia Murney (Elphaba on Broadway). I also changed front photograph to a photo I took when I visited Colorado in May, 

06-March-2007 - Finally added "Xena Does Hawaii".  Xena took a couple of Hawaiian vacations - one with Liz in '05 and then surfin' with Mel in '06.

27-January-2007 - Added a new Strangers in Paradise Wallpaper, removed a couple and added "widescreen" versions of previous wallpapers.

21-January-2007 - I made a iPhoto book for Christmas for the kids to remember our Washington DC trip we took in March.  See it here!

10-October-2006 - Emma is FIVE!  See her Birthday Party slide show!

25-September-2006 - I've added a slide show for Janice's Wedding Shower.  I've just started to play with the slide program "Showit"

27-August-2006 - Updated pictures of the kids! My have they grown!  I also added a page for the musical, Wicked.  Which I've seen twice this summer.  See photos from the last row and the first row!  **Also I updated Luce Links (adding & subtracting) and Graphics page - adding Xena Chocolate Bars labels I recently designed.

30-July-2006 - San Diego Comic Con International 2006!  See pictures from the 4 day event.  They are estimating that over 110,000 people attended.

09-July-2006 - Added pictures to Xena Returns to Britannia! She visited in 2004. I slowly getting all her adventures up on the site.

07-July-2006 - Added pictures to Xena Does Disneyland!  Xena meets many of the Disney characters and storms the castle!  I know, I have a lot of updating and pictures to add...

11-May-2006 - Added pictures and commentary from the LA Times Book Festival that took place  the last weekend in April.  Books, Books, and more Books... heaven.

30-Apr-2006 - I've been so bad... I have a ton of updating to do. Promises, promises.  I did add a couple of wallpapers (Wicked, WW) to the graphics page.  I've got vacations pictures - from Southwest car trip to a Washington DC adventure with my niece and nephews to Xena adventures and more yet to add.  

27-Nov-2005 - Added a few pictures to Xena Adventures.  Hopefully by the new year, I will get the rest of her pictures up.

19-Oct-2005 - Added a few more wallpapers in Luce Graphics.

02-Oct-2005 - Updated Luce Links. Added many. Removed a few. Rearranged.

01-Oct-2005 - Big changes!  First off website changes and additions:  Redesigned Luce Photos page and various albums within, added a couple of Adam Hughes wallpapers in Luce Graphics, and added new cover photo above from my SW Roadtrip - I hope to have the rest of the photos up shortly.  This summer I took a three week road trip - visiting National Parks, the nieces and nephews in Co. Springs and other sites & cities.  Actually I have a number of photos to add - from Xena travels to Hawaii, England, Crusing in Mexico and some newer photos of the nieces and nephews.  Whew.  Boy. am I behind on updating.

Other big change - As of June 3rd, I am no longer working at Merck, San Diego.  In Jan. 05 they announced the closing of the SD site.  Biology was offered transfers to Pennsylvania - it took no thought of all - I was taking my severence and staying in SD.   Good News - as of June 15th - I officially began at a new start up company, Amira Pharmaceuticals!  This company was started by ~20 ex-Merck-SD employees.  It's been fun and exciting.  Because we are small, each of us wear many hats. One of my hats is designing and maintaining our website.  Check it out at AmiraPharm.com and learn more about us.

05-Apr-2005 - My day at the LA Times Festival of Books.  Great weather, surrounded by books, with good friends and even more books... what could be better? Read about my day and see my photos.

08-March-2005 - Added a new page - Luce Pictures.  A collection of my favorite photographs, most from various parts of this site others only found on that page.  Not too many at the moment.  I'm still in the process of searching through my jpgs and old photos and slides that need to be scanned.

04-March-2005 - Added photos from various work functions (Merck Research, San Diego).  Coming soon - a page of my best and favorite photos.

01-March-2005 - Tweaked this homepage - changing the titles a bit and adding a "favicon".  Depending upon if your browser supports them, it's the little icon that shows up next to the web addresses on the tool bar and bookmarks.  Mine looks like this:

27-December-2004 - Added 2004 pictures of the kids!  See how they've grown.  I finally finished adding photos and travelogue of my California Road Trip.  Enjoy examples of the beauty of California's mountains, rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean.  Also added a few more BoP wallpapers, but they are variatians of the same.

26-November-2004 -Added to Luce Graphics - Two beer labels I designed for a couple of home brews and a simpler Birds of Prey Wallpaper.

06-November-2004 -Added photos/travelogue of my California Road Trip I took last year - well, OK most of the road trip.  Hopefully, the final leg of the trip will be up before the end of the year.

01-September-2004 - Whoo Hooo!  I bought a new camera!  I was getting frustrated with my old digital Nikon 995 - with out of focus shots, user unfriendly menus, and slow response time.  So I got the digital SLR Nikon D70 .  I looove it.  I like how it works, feels and sounds like an SLR.  I'll be taking more pictures, but I can't gaurantee that any will make it on my website.  I did take a "lazy" way out and posted a number of pictures on Ofoto.com.  These were my first shots with the new camera.  You do not have to be a member of Ofoto to view the pictures.UCSD Luau and Longboard Invitational
John & Nalani's Wedding

18-May-2004 - Major redesign of Xena Adventures page!  I've added her recent travels to Palau, Paris, Rome, Tahiti and more!  My Xena dollie has visited almost every continent! I've also loaded "Xena Does Dallas" that was originally on the now defunct TXM website.  This is a pictorial tour that the Texans did using a 6ft. Standee!  I've also 'tweaked' pages throughout the site, so if you've bookmarked some of the pages, they may not work anymore.Still to come - Xena goes to Britannia and takes a cruise to Mexico with Dearcy.  I haven't seen the pictures from Mexico yet, but she has come home with a new Sombrero.  I think I should be afraid, very afraid.  :-)   Oh, and I'm still working on the Cal. Road Trip from last summer.  I'm determined to finish it before it's a year!

22-Mar-2004 -Added my latest BoP wallpaper to LuceGraphics. Xena and the Xena Stuntee just returned from Rome and Palau. I've been told that Xena visited every Roman ruin & museum and the Coliseum. In Palau, she survived a typhoon, dived and sunned on sandy beaches. I can't wait to see the pictures.

29-February-2004 -Updated LuceGraphics. Added a few wallpapers and other graphic projects.01-February-2004 -Updated Luce Links. Added a few and deleted broken links. Other news: Another trip has been added to Xena's Spring itinerary - in addition to Italy, England and Palau - she will be sunning in Tahiti! I'm sooooo jealous.

11-January-2004 -Who knew? I survived the So. California Firestorms in October AND I survived the Firings on November 11th at work. OK, sorry, people weren't fired or layed off they were "separated from the company". It was an ugly day as co-workers and friends left the building one-by-one. We didn't know our final fate until the late afternoon when we were the only ones left standing. Although nationwide, Merck layed off a number of workers that day, our small division suffered the deepest cuts of all - approximately 40% - mostly biologists! But life goes on and I continue on.Now... onto better things!Photos: Last year I was horrid at updating my pictures. The kids grew up so fast. So I've posted a montage of the kids photos in 2003. It's made for the Starbucks "make your own tumbler" that I gave out at Christmas. Soon, I'll put up my vacation pictures from 2003. I had started putting it together with a travelogue, but I got distracted. Hopefully, I'll finish it before the end of 2004.Xena Travel plans for 2004: In March she is going diving at the South Pacific Island of Palau (I've been promised underwater pics) and visiting The Coliseum in Rome, Italy followed by a visit with the Queen of England and Stonehenge in April. There is a bit of a time conflict in March... she may have to call in a stunt double, as neither trip would be worth missing. As usual, she has more exciting plans than I have... of which I have none at the moment.28-October-2003, Tuesday: Weirdness. Intenseness. Silence. Suddenly at noon, the sunlight disappeared and was replaced by an eerie dark amber light caused by the ubiquitous smoke. It was so sudden, I was startled. This light is so much more intense orange than what we (or at least I) have experienced so far. At 1:30 PM it was still as dark as it is during the moments before the sun sets. I went outside to attempt to take pictures of the sun. It's still visible, but it is a deep red. What also struck me is the quiet. My neighborhood is never as silent as it is now. There are no cars driving down the streets, no kids playing outside, no military jets from Miramar buzzing the rooftops, no lawnmowers and weedwackers, no wind - just silence and an uneasy calm. The colors and emotions are so hard to describe in words or capture in a picture. It is impossible to escape and forget for a few moments the chaos outside when bathed in this eerie light. By 2 PM, the sun disappeared. Click here to see photo of the red sun - scroll to the bottom of the page.

But I did hear some good news. My friend and co-worker Mary called to tell me she and her family are safe so far. They live in Lakeside in Eastern San Diego County. She didn't have to evacuate, but they had to evacuate her sister's family, twice! Fortunately her sister's home was spared, but other homes on her street were not so lucky. Mary said the fire is still threatening if the wind shifts. But was optimistic (if that is the right word) that they will be safe because of the extensive burnt areas between them and the fire.

Mary said they were given time to pack and evacuate (I can't remember the exact time) but the wind suddenly intensified and they were told to leave IMMEDIATELY. They left with a few clothes, papers and her TR6. Just like Catherine and Deborah (my nephew's wife) the attitudes were the same... it's just things. Homes can be rebuilt - as Deborah remarked "...the way I want it". What is important is that everyone is safe.

Work will be closed for the third day on Wednesday, due to the unhealthful air quality.

Here is a San Diego area map of the fire boundries and statistics as of 9 PM Monday.

27- October Firestorm 2003. I've posted photos that I have taken and photos from news services and maps. The Scripps Ranch/Cedar Fire came within a few miles from me and the La Verne/Grand Prix fire was only a few streets away from my Nephew's home. As of 8PM Monday, all is well for family. My friend, Catherine who lives in Scripps Ranch was evacuated on Sunday morning. I was up in La Verne and San Dimas for the weekend. She had my key, so she was able to stay at my house. I was able to return home Sunday evening. At 5PM Monday, Catherine was able to go back to her apartment - which was spared! Good News.

08-Jun-2003: Wow, it's been forever hasn't it? No excuse. Oh, I've got 'em just not very good ones. I am planning to do a major overhaul and redesign. I recently bought Studio MX (Dreamweaver, Flash etc.) website design applications - I'm learning slowly, but the learning curve has been frustrating. I need to buy a how-to book - navigating the Help is a pain.

Hopefully, soon I'll have the newest pictures of the Kids. Later this month, I'm going camping & fishing (yeah!) in the Sierras then taking a few days to drive down the CA coast - Monterey/Carmel and camping in Big Sur. So hopefully, I'll have some great pictures to share.

In the meantime, I have added one webpage - my softball team pictures. Yeah, believe it or not, I decided to play again. My company put together a second team for the lower "noncompetitive" division. So a bunch of us old players (with a few youngsters thrown in) decided to play again. We went in to just have a blast playing softball again. Many of us have played for many years - but what we lack in range and speed - we make up with guile and experience. Going into the season, we would have been very happy with a 0.500 record. Who knew we would be unbeaten and clinched first place in our division going into our final game this Wed? We keep waiting for the ball to drop... so to speak. Anyway, wish us luck as we go into the playoffs.

19-Nov-2002: Tweaked Luce Links

11-Nov-2002: New pictures of the Kids! Soccer and Emma's First Birthday pics!

06-Nov-2002: Posted pictures on how I spent my Summer in 2002 - San Diego Comic Con, SD Fair, Shakespeare by the Sea, Seaworld, and AntiFest. Ha! Looking at these, you may get the impression I have a life (or maybe proof that I don't). It's all an illusion.

21-Oct-2002: Revised Luce Links - added websites and a bit of background info on BoP. I'm crossing my fingers this new TV show will live up to the hype and promise. You may notice I tweaked the frontpage design. Yes, Yes, I know, I promised new photos last month.... Maybe by the end of the month I'll have 'em up.

08-Sept-2002: Large update and reorganization! If you bookmarked a page, it might not work anymore. Check back in a few days, I hope to have a few pictures from the last few months (SD Comic Con, Shakespeare at the Sea, SD County Fair, Lewis the great Hunter....)

  • Added Xena does China! Xena has had a busy year so far - South Africa, New York City and China. She just returned from Washington State and No. Calif. and is leaving next week to go Scuba diving in Palau! I'll have those pics up as soon as I can!
  • Added a slide show of my sister, Kathy's 60th Birthday Party that took place on July 14th.

Added a new pictures of the kids - Look Ma - no tooth!

19-Aug-2002: Added a couple of beer labels to the Graphics page that I made for a friend's home brew. Added yet more links to Luce Links.

25-Jul-2002: Changed front page picture with "Xena returns to China" She does get around! As soon as I receive them, more pictures will be posted of her visit on the Great Wall, in the Forbidden City, on the Xi'an city wall, with terracotta warriors and at a formal Chinese garden just outside Shanghai.

04-Jul-2002: Changed front page picture once again - in celebration of Independence Day!

22-Jun-2002: Added 3 new photos of Emma at 9mo. and with her Dad and Grandpa Gavin on Father's Day. Added a few new items to Luce Links.

18-Jun-2002: Changed the front page picture to a couple of images from my NYC trip. For some reason people visiting the page didn't care for the "Green Turd". Now you know how we feel seeing it everyday. I was reminded to make the change when I read the obituary today for Edythe Henderson Scripps. Among her many philanthropy contributions, she paid $70K to move the "sculpture" from the front of Green Hospital of Scripps Clinic on Torrey Pines Rd to a less conspicuous site (across the street from my work). "I've been trying to get rid of that thing for years," Mrs. Scripps told The San Diego Union-Tribune. "I'm certainly glad to see it go."


  • What I saw and did in NYC is now online. During the first week in May I spent 4 and a half days in New York City with 3 friends. We had a blast. See the pictures, read the travelogue. Though it is probably more commentary than you ever wanted to read. :-)
  • Pictures of Ashley at her 7th B'day party and on the softball field.
  • My Uncle Uly Correa's 90th (!) birthday. For my family, I put up pictures from his party and a montage of old photographs I made for his birthday.

And of course added "Xena does NYC". 

27-Apr-2002: Fixed my scanner. Well, not really. But I can get it to work if I reload the software whenever I open it. ::sigh:: So, I put up the Xena does So. Africa pictures.

25-Apr-2002: A lot of changes, but mostly to make it easier for me to add to the website and/or for visitors to navigate through. Reorganized the Kid's page and Xena Does This 'n That pages. I've added how I spent my Easter Sunday (aka new pics of the nieces and nephews!), a new picture of Lewis and a picture of Xena mountain bike riding, taken by a friend. I've made a space for Xena does So. Africa, but my scanner software has decided not to work. So whenever I get the problem solved, I'll actually post the pics. I also updated my Luce Links page.

03-Apr-2002: Added new front page picture. I got a real laugh when I drove into work today and saw the sign! We call it the Green Turd, most call it worst things and the artist called it "Okeanos". Please check back to the website in the next week or so. I'm planning to add Xena goes to So. Africa and of course Easter pics of the kids. :-) Also I'll be adding an updated itinerary of Xena's exciting 2002 trips and adventures. I wish I had her frequent flier miles...

24-Mar-2002: Added new pics of the kids including my favorite of Emma and her daddy and a couple of new photos of Kip doing what he does best. Check out Xena's latest adventure: "Xena goes shopping for Xena Crap™" To make room for new photos, I archived a few older pictures.

31-Jan-2002: Fixed a few broken links, tweaked here and there.

14-Jan-2002: Reorganized a bit and added new sites on Luce Links.

13-Jan-2002: Happy New Year! I've added some new photos of Emma! I also have some photos of Aquagal feeding the sharks and on my graphics page I've added a new Xena montageTwo Women, One Journey.

19-Nov-2001: Added my Texas vacation photos! I visited Austin and Dallas with friends.

17-Oct-2001: Added a new picture of Emma.

08-Oct-2001: Emma Catherine Bautista arrives! See her pictures!

03-Oct-2001: Added a picture of a framed episode montage. Also did a bit of page tweaking here and there....

07-Sep-2001: Added a bit of Luce Thoughts.... Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder? and the inspiration for Xena's Travels.

03-Sep-2001: I've begun a new page called Luce Pictures which will contain photos that don't fit anywhere else. I also added new pictures of the boys . In reality, I'm practicing with my new digital camera.

23-Aug-2001: Added Xena does GenCon to "Xena does This and That". Added a few more links.

07-Aug-2001: Added a page of the San Diego Comic Con International pictures and "Xena does This and That" to Luce Photos.

09-July-2001: Reorganized, moved and consolodated some of my webpage folders. So if you bookmarked various pages, they may not work anymore.


  • Reorganized and added to my Photo album! Check out my latest pictures of the kids and Xena does DC.
  • Added a X:WP montage that I'm very happy with. I made it to have it autographed by the actors that attended the 2001 Xena Convention.
  • I also put up a new frontpiece photo of La Jolla. This was the view from my work. We relocated to larger facilites but nothing could top our previous prime location at La Jolla Cove.
  • Added a couple of links here and there to LuceLinks.

I recently spent a week long vacation to Washington D.C and Richmond, VA - to visit museums and friends. I hope to have my travelogue with pictures up very soon.

21-May-2001 - Added in Luce Graphics: Xena season and episode montages that I created for The World Fit for Kids Charity Dinner and Auction. I also added a few of the 2001 Xena Convention pictures that was held May 4-6.

21-May-2001 - Moved the entire site to www.correacreations.com! This new site will hold 300mbytes vs. the 5mb on my old site!

08-May-2001 - Temporarily removed Luce Graphics - I've filled up my allotted webspace. I'm going to try to find a new server.

18-Mar-2001 - NEW BABY PICTURES! See the FIRST pictures of my newest Grandniece? or maybe Grandnephew? :-D

05-Mar-2001 - Still more links - my favorite Mystery and SciFi/Fantasy book websites.

27-Feb-2001 - Xena Does NZ! Check it out in Luce Photos. I also added a few more links.

19-Feb-2001 - I redesigned the front page and a few of the pages... shamelessly borrowing a nice design I ran across. I also added to Luce Photos (the kids, Luce pictures) and posted Luce Links.

23 Dec. 00 Congratulations! You are privileged to experience my first attempt at a home page. I'll be adding more images as I get them scanned. But first I'll need to find them amongst my piles of photographs! Today, I added Luce Graphics and Luce Photos

23 Dec. 2000: Graphics page and Photo pages (The Boys) added. Web counter added.

22 Dec. 2000: Website finally launched! NZ Calendar pics loaded.

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