Here are a few pictures of "The Boys". Kipling and Lewis are about the same age, both born early spring of 1999. Though they look like they could be related, they are not - nor can they be more different! Kip is a typical laid-back "cat" - enjoys sleeping in the sun and exploring the outdoors when I let him. Kip is on the small side - only about 7 lbs. Lewis on the other hand.... is more dog than cat! In fact he's bigger than some dogs. Always underfoot, getting into mischief, chasing Kip around the house... a great big 14 lb. kitten! Alas, they rule the house.

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Lewis - literary Kitten 7/99

Lewis - Reindeer 12/00

Kipling - Elf 12/00

A little to the left... 8/01


It's my turn! 8/01

Lewis 8/01

Ready to pounce on Kip! 8/01

Kipling 8/01


What a life! 3/02

Striped Kitty 3/02

More proof on who rules the house.

Last updated: 25-Apr-2002 

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