I watched in fascination the Learning Channel's special "The Human Face" with John Cleese. (Sept. 2001) One theory on beauty explored the "Golden Triangle". I have heard a variation of this in art class and vaguely remember studying the proportions of the human face.

From TLC webpage:

Among them is the "golden ratio," which is the ratio of 1.618-to-1. This ratio can be used to build so-called golden shapes; for instance, a golden rectangle is one whose ratio of width to height is the golden ratio. These rectangles have been considered beautiful by many artists, and they have made appearances in some of history's most renowned works of art. Using the golden ratio one can also make golden triangles, pentagons and decagons. Dr. Marquardt has tapped this golden tradition in making his mask --he's used a golden ratio-based arrangement of 40 golden decagons of six different sizes, carefully aligned with the face's various features.

Apparently the closer a face fits the mask, the more beautiful the face. Of course I couldn't believe this hypothesis at face value. :-) Here are four "Beauties" ... Lucy Lawless, Reneé O'Connor, Hudson Leick and Jeri Ryan. Amazing (or maybe not) - they all fit almost exactly. Of course they are all Caucasian, but apparently it works across racial lines.



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