Statistics: Born Monday, Oct. 8, at 1:52 P.M. 7lbs, 13 oz. 20"

Emma is a happy baby, already smiling!


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Dad and Emma, 3 hours old.
Oh, she's beautiful!
 little brother is a Dad?!
Oh, must you take my picture while I'm still puffy and before my first bath?
Dad, Mom, and Emma



mmmm... tastes good!
Who is that masked man? Oh, someone to wrap around my little finger! (Pop and Grandma Gavin)
Emma, 20 hrs. old



Dad and Mom said I look like an Elf!
Hey, this will work.... I can hold her and still have one hand free while I draw or paint!



Grandma and Emma

Luke and Pop visiting Emma

Emma meet Mama

Picture from Grandma Gavin, taken right after birth.

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