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With the exception of Wicked & Xena Adventures
photos from Aug 2009 to Present are on my Smugmug Site: HERE

New Zealand, 
Nov. 1999

Napa Valley,
Feb. 2001

Austin & Dallas,
Oct. 2001

New York City,
May 2002 day


CA Road Trip,
Jul. 2003
SW Road Trip,
Jun. 2005

Washington DC,
Mar. 2006

Misc. Pictures I've taken around San Diego, various conventions, festivals, etc.

Click on NYC Skyline for LUCE PICTURES - A compliation of a few of my favorite photos.
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La Familia!
Last update: Feb 2008
"The Boys"
Birch Aquarium,
La Jolla CA
ThreeHotTamales.jpg (75kb)
Summer, 2002
So. Cal Firestorm,
Oct. 2002
Pics from various MRL-SD Functions
LA Times Book Festival, 2005
LA Times Book Festival, 2006
Landscaping my yard
May 2006
Photos from the musical Wicked!

Follow Xena as she travels the world!  I've been recording my Xena dollie's adventures since 1999. When the show ended in 2001, she took advantage of her free time and is traveling more often, many times hitching rides around the world with various friends and fans.  Follow her adventures to such far off lands of China, Greece, Tahiti, Woodland Hills and more! Her frequent flyer miles are the envy of any adventurer.


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