May 4-6, 2001

A very quick 'n dirty sampling of a few of the pics from 12 rolls of film (4 of just LL/ROC)!


Click on thumbnails for larger image

Robert Trebor


Hudson Leick in Red


Karl Urban

(Caesar, Cupid, etc.)

Bruce Campbell - Buy the book


Adrienne & William

(Livia/Eve & Virgil)

Tim Omundson - Mr. Blue eyes


Sexy Claire Stansfield


Claire & Chris - Shucks - I missed the KISS.

Alexandra Tydings- eye to eye


Ted Raimi



Tsianina Joelson- Former fitness competitor


Darien Takle - Xena's mom is tough too!


Lucy Lawless

MamaROC Jr.

Reneé O'Connor and LL

Misty eyed - Last Dance

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