I vacationed in Austin and Dallas, Texas in mid-October. I met up with the Texans, Adele, Margaret and Terry and Hilda (aka Diva) flew in from Florida. Although still feeling the effects of Sept. 11, we nevertheless weren't going to let 'em change our plans! We met up in Austin - where we ate, drank, toured and had a great time. Austin is a fun city - a college town with good restaurants and honky tonks, yet is the capital too. Seemed like every restaurant advertised live music every night. After Austin, we drove to Dallas where we hung out at Adele's. Actually, it's Punkin, Wilma and Fred's house... Adele and Terry just live there. :-) We had an ultimate Texas experience - spending a day at the State Fair of Texas.

OK, Who snores?

Lunch at Shady Grove


Xena searches for Gabrielle in Gab's hometown of Austin. "I hear this is where she hangs out..."


Waiting to see the reputed "thousands" of bats fly out from under the Capital Bridge. Yeah, right. Turns out they already migrated to Mexico. Uh. Huh. Sure.

What we needed is the Bat signal

This is the only bat we saw!


Walking tour of Town Lake, Austin

Shopping in Austin antique stores


Hey, I'm not an antique nor am I for sale!

Do you think this is me? aka SchwinnHilda

This cave isn't like the one back home!

Laubach Cave, just outside of Austin


Tour Guide said this was a Texas A&M sundial

"Soda Straws" I think they called 'em

Dallas Skyline from the top of the Ferris Wheel

Here we are hanging out in the patio at Rowdy's new "house" She did say it was a new model. :)
Maybe I'll rent a room from Rowdy 'till I find Gab.


The State of Texas Fair

Hey, I'm as big an icon as that guy!

The Midway. Notice the unidentified fried food in the left hand corner...

Checking out the views from the Texas Ferris Wheel


Adele, Don't Rock the Car!

A new museum dedicated to Women and their accomplishments, arts, etc. In Dallas! Who knew?

Montage of the quote wall at the Woman's Museum. The museum is located on the fair grounds.

Taking a break and deciding what fried food we should try next. Fried Cheesecake or Fried Pickles?


The Grassy Knoll

Chef Diva. Isn't it amazing how large those trailer kitchens are?




Y'all come back, y'hear! Smoochies!



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