Note: Websites come, go and change addresses constantly.  If you run across a broken link, please contact me.


Blogs (weB LOG) can be online daily journal, columns on whatever strikes the author's fancy, news items, etc. etc.  Seems like everyone writes a blog nowadays.  Many are mundane (of interest to personal friends or only the author) but there are a few that are fun and/or interesting.

Lipstick Chronicles --- Four best selling Mystery/Chick lit authors (and guest authors) rotate writing the daily entry.  It's eclectic, funny, entertaining, informative and not to be missed.
RunJenRun --- makes me smile and many times laugh out loud.  Jenny Amadeo's life observations are wonderfully written, sometimes outrageous, always fun. I read her daily.
HipClicks --- Whitney Matheson on USAToday.  Daily entertainment related news and links.
The Beat --- Heidi MacDonald - A news blog of comics and Pop culture.  Some OK, many of the items I am clueless about, but interesting none the less.
Laurie R. King --- one of my favorite mystery authors (Mary Russell & Kate Martinelli series).  Insight into book promoting, writing process, etc.
Xena Stuff blog &
One Fan's Collection --- my friend Chris' blog & website on collecting all things Xena, original art (Xena and non-Xena) and her other collections.


SciFi Wire --- Updated daily news and rumors relating to SciFi and Fantasy genre in TV, Movies, Fandom, Books, etc.
Jump the Shark --- What is it? It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know that from now's all downhill. Fun site!
Television without Pity --- Reviews and recaps of your favorite TV shows. Should be called Television without mercy.  I enjoy their snarky forums.
Zap2it TV Gal --- Fun TV reviews and news. I thought I watched a lot of TV.

ENCYCLOPEDIA XENAICA - Rita's complete and exhaustive Xena Encyclopedia and Dictionary. A must read.
Logomancy Xena --- One of the first and still one of the best sites. Screen grabs, complete credits. No longer updated.
Tom's Xena Page --- Another of the first and best. No longer updated.
MaryD's page --- Australian Xena Information Page. Up-to-date news, pictures, videos, etc. etc. Very extensive. One of the few Xena websites still updated daily.



Rotten Tomatoes --- Compilation of movie reviews by online and print critics. Plus information on individual movies - casts,$$ made, etc
Internet Movie Database ---- Search actors/movies/etc. Answer those trivia questions..
Chronicles of Narnia ---- Official movie site.  Movie will be released in December '05.  Merry Christmas!
NarniaWeb ---- Movie site by fans.  News, pictures, etc.

DVD Easter eggs --- Find Easter eggs on your DVDs. Easter eggs are hidden content on DVDs (not found on the menus). Things like trailers, out takes, etc.
Apple Quicktime Trailers --- almost every recent movie trailer is here for you to watch.



Stop you are killing me! --- A wonderful site for mystery book lovers. Lists mystery books by author and characters. Ever want to know the complete list of an author's books in order of publication? Find it here!
Books 'n' Bytes --- A very good data base for Mystery and SciFi books and authors. Lists books, personal webpages and upcoming personal appearances by your favorite authors. Also includes book reviews by the webpage owners.
Sci Fi wire --- Up to the minute news on Sci Fi movies, TV, books, etc.

Worlds of Wonder --- An online catalog for illustration - fantasy, SciFi, Comic book art, Book cover art, etc.
Cliff guy --- Many comic artists and illustrators at comic conventions will do a free (or for a nominal fee) a sketch for you. This guy gave themes (cliffs, in a jar) and has many well known comic artists in his gallery.


Here are some of my favorite artists, illustrators and photographer sites.

Donato Giancola --- A wonderful artist and illustrator. DON'T skip this site.
Terese Nielsen. --- Artist, illustrator.  See other artists on this site.
James Jean --- artist, illustrator, comic covers.  Very distinctive, gorgeous style.  Read his Blog - discusses his technique, sketches and latest works.
John Van Fleet --- illustrator.  I own a couple of his original paintings!
Adam Hughes --- artist.  Though sometimes too T&A for my tastes, many of his images are iconic, especially of late.

Robert Turner --- Photographer.  One day, I wish to take a photograph like one of his.  (I stole his color scheme)
Richard van Hoesel --- Photographer
Luminous-Landscape --- Great resource - reviews, tutorials, pretty pictures, etc.
Showit Software --- A slide show program.  But mostly I love looking at the example websites & slide shows of top photographers. Amazing.

I read DC comics in the early-mid 70's - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. I stopped when I "grew up". Then in 1997 I started buying a few comics here and there. In the last few years, I've really started collecting/reading in earnest - especially because of the increase in heroine centered titles. In contrast to the '70s, comic books now days are written more for adults than children.

Canary Noir: Birds of Prey (BoP) Comic. THE best resource for BoP info, character histories, book reviews, costumes, art gallery, etc. Everything you ever wanted to know about the BoP - Oracle/Batgirl and Black Canary as well as their allies and enemies. A great website!
DC Comics. Home of Superman, Batman, Birds of Prey, etc.
Strangers in Paradise --- Adventures of Katchoo & Francie. A well written comic.
Sequential Tart ---Sequential Tart is a monthly webzine written by women and dedicated to exploring the comics industry. Where there are women in popular culture and fandom, there will be a Tart.

San Diego Comic Con --- THE Comic book convention. Although now it's as much "pop culture" (movies,TV, books) as well as comics. Hollywood discovered the Comic Con with many of the biggest stars (Swarzenegger, Jolie, H.Barry, Tarrentino etc.) appear to promote their latest projects. Many artists (illustrators, comics, etc.) also exhibit and sell their works. Something for everyone - with over 87,000 attendees in 2004.
Women in Refrigerators --- Written by the then columnist, Gail Simone in 1999. Simone makes the observation that most women comic book characters have been beaten, raped, abused, killed or worse - and she lists them. What is interesting reading are the responses from various comic book creators. From what I've gathered, WiR caused quite a stir in the industry. It's gotten better, but there still is lots of room for improvement. There are more women writers, editors and woman characters with their own books. And women readers. Plus Simone is now the writer of Birds of Prey and recently Superman in Action Comics! Fatal Femmes - Good article that discusses WiR.


BOOKS AND ELECTRONICS: --- Is there anywhere else? More than just books.... electronics, DVDs, ToysRUs, Target, etc. --- Book search. Looking for a used or out-of-print book? Check this website. --- Another used book search website and online bookstore(s). Good Prices! --- An Independent Booksellers association. They have the "76 list" (s) of favorite books from independent book sellers.
Barnes & Noble --- used & out of print Search.  A nice and easy search for used books.
Mysterious Galaxy --- A local San Diego bookstore. All they carry are Mysteries and SciFi/Fantasy. Specialize in signed first editions.
Mile High Comics --- An online catalog for comics, new and back issue. Generally, more expensive but a good inventory and resource for research. --- Online shop for comics, new and back issue. Good prices, service, and inventory. Nice database. Also toys and collectibles.
Brodart --- Obsessive about keeping your books in pristine condition?  A good source for book jacket covers.

Desktop supplies --- Printing supplies, fun computer graphic project supplies.
Ebay --- Buy anything, everything. Just know your prices and check the feedback of the sellers.

CONSUMER INFORMATION AND COMPARISIONS --- MySimon compares online prices for almost anything you can buy online. Very useful.
Digital Camera Resource Page ---- shopping for a digital camera? In depth reviews of most models. Excellent.
MacWorld Pricegrabber --- Reviews and price comparisons for Mac products - computers, software, hardware, etc. --- Excellent site for reviews of newest electronic gadgets and accessories.  A Geek haven.


Smith and Hawken --- The "Williams Sonoma" of Gardening products.
William Sonoma --- feel free to buy me something....
Landsend and LL Bean --- clothing. I've been buying from these two companies for years. The websites make it all the easier.


Webreference --- A great resource of tutorials and articles. I especially like the graphics pages.
MacReview --- Compiles reviews for hardware, software, digital cameras, etc. from various magazines and other reviewers.
MacWorld --- Online magazine

Wayback Machine --- Web Archive. Ever wanted to visit a webpage that no longer exists? This archive may have a copy of the page in their extensive archives. Just enter the web address. A great resource. ---- My website host ---How did I ever live without one? :-)
iSilo --- A very good palm program to convert and read documents into palm docs. Free version available.
CSpotRun ---- Another free Palm Document reader. Simple, fast, rotates, 4 fonts. A favorite.
eReader--- Was called Palm Reader. Another very good palm document reader. Free version available! Also many e-books available for purchase. My current favorite.
MakeDocDD --- Convert MAC text files to Palm files (compatible doc readers) Freeware! Old program, but it should still work.
Documents to go. --- I currently use this program to convert Word, text and Excel files to Palm files that can be read by any reader.  A version comes standard with new Palms.
Datebook5 --- A better datebook for your palm.
Vindigo ---- Download your city or a city you will be visiting for movies listings, restaurants, stores etc. etc. with directions and reviews. The latest info is downloaded onto your palm every time you HotSync. Downside - slows down your syncing time significantly. No longer free ($25/yr or $3.50/mo), but they give you 30 day free trial. It's great for vacations.



Maranatha Chapel --- My church's homepage. Live Webcasts. --- online bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. etc.
Amy Grant --- If nothing else, an example of a well designed website.

Amira Pharmaceuticals --- source of my paycheck.  I am also the webmaster.


Food TV: Get recipes from your favorite FoodTV chefs. --- Get recipes from Bon Appetite, Gourmet magazine and more. I like the readers reviews.
Martha Stewart ---- More recipes and of course Martha stuff she is happy to sell you! :-)



Local Wally --- San Diego Tourist Guide. A must see if you are coming for a visit.
Cam Zone ---- San Diego Cams!  See various sites around San Diego - Live!
Kelp Cam --- Birch Aquarium in La Jolla



Pop-Tart Blow Torches --- They used Strawberry. From personal experience the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts works better. Higher and hotter! :-) I loved that toaster. <sigh>
Stupid Videos --- exactly what the name implies.
You Tube --- Looking for a video clip?  I'm sure someone posted it here.  A real time waster! But what fun.


OK, MORE than a few favorite sites! And more to come I'm sure.
Please email me if you find any broken links.

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