Xena visited Chinn (China) around the year 10 BG (Evil Xena period) and again in the year, 5 AG. As Evil Xena, she popularized the "Heads on Pikes Great Wall Garden Ornaments." Later she also introduced the technique of hairpin fatal lobotomies. (See Episodes "The Debt I & II, Back in the Bottle, and Purity). This time she returned to Chinn as a tourist. (BG=Before Gabrielle; AG=After Gabrielle).

"No blood was spilled or vases broken during the filming of this trip although a few funny looks were endured."

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 The Great Wall of China

I dunno, it's just not the same without the decorative pikes.

Xena in the Great Wall near Beijing

Forbidden City

"The Garden of the Crooked Politician", Shanghai

In my day, I dispatched a number of Chinese Warlords, I can handle one crooked politician. Where is he hiding?



Xena at the medieval inner city wall in Xi'an. (Home of the Terracotta Warriors)

Xena inspects factory for the Official Terracotta Warrior Action Figures.

Special thanks to Chris and Anne for taking Xena on their trip (July, 2002) and subjecting themselves to the smiles and stares as they snapped her picture thoughout China.

Posted 08-Sept-2002


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