Yes, believe it or not, Xena accompanied us as we toured NZ. She went everywhere with us. Below are just a few of the Xena moments we were able to capture on film (when nobody was looking).


"This flying machine is better than my Valkyrie flying steed. But still not better than Argo."


"I'll bring this back and prove once and for all to those stupid Americans .... Kiwi is a bird not a fruit!"

"Even in NZ that *&#@! snow capped mountain is still haunting me!"

"Queenstown? Ha! When I'm done with it, it will be WarriorPrincesstown."


"Tired? You call yourselves Warrior Shoppers? Buy 'em all!"

"Rob's Folly is down there somewhere!"


"I was born in Amphipolis but for some odd reason, this City of Auckland feels like home."

 Pssst... OK, one of the pictures I faked. The rest are real.


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