It's impossible to explain or describe the size and scope of this popular media convention. It's much more than "just comics". It's enormous - there are comic book dealers, "stuff" dealers (cards, action figures, collectibles, posters, books etc. etc.), an art show, artist alley, game rooms, movies, movie previews, panel discussions and Q&A, etc. etc. They show movies 24hrs a day. Seminars all day. Artist alley is one of our favorites. Meet the artists and see up close the fantastic art available for purchase - originals and repros. I must say, comic book art isn't like it was when I was growing up! Here are a few of the sights to be seen.

July 18-22, 2001

A montage/panorama of the vendor floor. Believe it or not it extends much further!

Dada dada dada dada ... Batman!

Opens December!

Dreamworks had a huge booth hyping their next sci-fi movie. Storyboards, models, etc.

The Frank's Worlds of Wonder booth. One price tag... 10K!

Artist alley

Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons on Witchblade)

The Invisible Man, Vincent Ventresca

Ackkk! Let me out!

A few of the characters...

Not as many as years past...


A view from Chris 'n Sharon's hotel room.

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