Xena tours the monuments and honors other great leaders. She also visits Richmond, VA, taking in the southern hospitality and doing a bit of "fishing".


"George Dubbya, come out of there NOW"

One great Leader of Nations, Doctor (CPR, OBGYN), Inventor (electricity), and Physicist (chakram angles), salutes another great Leader, Author, and Architect, T. Jefferson.

"I hear he had a quick wit. I wonder if he was as good Gabrielle?"

 "Chop my head off? Well, two of us can play at that game!"

"Shall I do a Forrest Gump?

"Better than sleeping on the ground!


"Give me Liberty or give me another Death!"

"Let's go Argo, it says No Parking. What's wrong, girl? You seem a bit lifeless today."

"Southern XenaBelle"


Xena Goes Fishing!


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