I've been recording my Xena dollie's adventures since 1999. Since the show ended in 2001, she has taken advantage of her free time and is traveling more often, many times hitching rides around the world with various friends and fans. In case you are wondering, except where noted, it is the SAME dollie in all the pictures.


"Yeah, right! "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys..." I'll show you JOURNEYS!"
Xena: Warrior Princess Sept. 4, 1995

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The inspiration for this madness! A greeting card I found in 1997. I can do that!

Xena is spotted on a street corner, advertising for the SCXF

July 1999

Xena visits Renaissance Pictures Post Production @ Universal Studios aka Camp Renaissance!

August 1999

HEY! I gotta go to The LOTR session. They are going to interview my old armor maker, Ngila Dickson. RELEASE ME NOW!

San Diego Comic Con
July 2001

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Photo by CClogston
August 2001

Xena goes Mountain biking!

Photo by Diva

Xena inspects her old weapons at the Keeper of the Official XenaCrap™'s home!
Xena Goes Shopping for XenaCrap™!

(It's a Wrap X:WP Prop Warehouse sale)

Burbank CA
February 2002

Xena Convention, Burbank CA, 2003

Celebrating at Dearcy's B'day dinner!
April 2004


UCLA CAMPUS, May, 2005

Birch Aquarium, La Jolla CA

Xena dives into the Shark/Kelp Tank with Catherine aka Aquagal.
June 2005

Disneyland, CA
Xena meets Disney characters!


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Of course they do everything BIG in Texas!

Dallas, Texas
Photos by MFox & Rowdy

New Zealand
Oct 1999

Wash. DC & Richmond, VA
June 2001

Austin & Dallas
October 2001

South Africa
Photos by CSincich

March 2002

New York City
May 2002

Photos by CClogston

July 2002

Sierras, Yosemite, Monterey Bay

California Road Trip!
July 2003 <soon!>

Obviously, Xena had a busy itinerary in Spring 2004. Stuntee Xenas had to be brought in due to conflicting schedues. A Stuntee was used in Paris, Palau & Tahiti. The "Real" Xena went to Rome, England and Mexico.

Paris, France
Photo by
March 2004

Palau, Micronesia
Photos by CSincich

March 2004

Rome, Italy
Photos by CClogston & ARedding

March 2004

England aka Britannia
Photos by CClogston & ARedding

April 2004



Unfortunately due to strong currents, they were unable to take pictures of her scuba diving.
Photo by MTurner & Co.

April 2004

<more coming >

Cruisin' Mexico
Photos by Dearcy

May 2004

Photos by Liz & Melanie
May 2005 & June 2006

<more coming >

Grand Canyon, AZ
Southwest Roadtrip
June 2005

Rome, Italy
Xena re-visits the Acropolis
Photo by Diva & Adele
September 2005


Xena in Colorado - Skiing!
May & December 2007

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