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AUGUST 1-4, 2002

It doesn't seem possible that I've been going to the Con for the last 6 years. Not that long when you consider that it's in it's 33rd year! Although comics is it's core it includes so much more. Exhibits of original art & artists and illustrators, gamers, movies & TV, books, memorabilia, toys, etc. etc. There are discussion panels with the creators and/or stars of current and past movies, comics, and television. Something for everybody who loves "Popular Arts" Lots of fun, lots of ways to spend $$$, and lots of people! Below are a few examples of what you can see at the comic con.


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One of my favorite exhibits - Weta - The NZ special effects company for LOTR also sells collectibles. What an amazing booth! Life size statues, impressive collectibles and exhibits of their work including a number of Panels with the FX , makeup, stuntmen, and the actors (including 3 of the hobbit actors!) Click on their logo for their website.
A life size statue of Lurtz and the actor who played him in LOTR - signing autographs, Lawrence Makoare. He said it took about 8 hrs to put the makeup on followed by 12-15 hrs of filming. You do the math. He slept while they did makeup. Not only was the statue impressive - it was a great meeting spot... "At 3:00 I'll meet you at Lurtz"


Emma's First Comic Con!

What time do you want to meet at Lurtz?

Anne, Chris and Catherine

Anne, Greg and Liz at the Smallville and Birds of Prey Panel.



A couple of the celebrities spotted - from Frank, the dog in Men in Black to The Terminator himself - Arnold! Other celebs were sighted promoting their movies and/or themselves - Hilary Swank, Lucy Liu, Jason Lee, Josh Whedon, Elijah Wood, Marina Sirtis, Lou Ferrigno, Ted Raimi and many more. Hollywood knows this is the fan base to court. This is also the place to find "Where are they now?" actors signing autographs. Or rather "Who are they?" or "They're still alive?" actors.... ;-)

DC Comics Booth


These are fans dressed in their finest! This same trio recently won the costume contest at the Birds of Prey TV Show Premiere. IMO, Batman is too short. :-)

August 2002

Our company picnic was at Seaworld this year. Here are some pics.

Sammy, Bill and Mel at the Bud beer tasting school. Hey, the beer was cold and free!

Juan, Marina and Merryl's friend

Merryl and Lisa

Marina and Juan molesting the sharks

. . .

Some of the animals and strange looking marine life....

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