Monterey Peninsula



Monterey, Sunday-Wednesday:   I stayed at a nice motel in Monterey - even had a fireplace in the room.  It wasn't that cold, but I had to turn it on. 

Monday:  I spent most of the day in Monterey - visiting the Aquarium and Cannery Row.  The Aquarium is the best, but I can't help but think about the Star Trek movie whenever I visit.  Cannery Row is a bit cleaned up from the last time I visited ~10 yrs. ago.  A few more restaurants and nicer stores and galleries.  I contemplated buying a print at the Ansel Adams gallery, but somehow I resisted.  I ate a late lunch/early dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on Cannery Row.  It was ok.  Mostly for the tourists.. which guess I was.  I wouldn't go back.  I spent the late afternoon at Point Lobos State Park taking pictures and hiking around the trails.  I only had a couple of hours before closing, but I had planned to return, so it was fine.  I had an 'exciting' evening, if you can call it that - in a laundromat washing clothes with the locals.  Mostly, populated by young singles.

Tuesday: Pt. Lobos.  My favorite place in Monterey/Carmel.  I took loads of pictures and hiked the easy trails along the shoreline and had a nice picnic lunch.  But first I had to go shopping at the local mall.  I needed to buy a light long sleeve shirt.  Not because it was cold.  But because i was still suffering from the sunburn I got in the High Sierras and I needed to cover up. I ate dinner at a thai restaurant across from my hotel. Again, good but not memorable.

Wednesday:  Last day in Monterey.  I decided to check out of my hotel "early" and have breakfast in Carmel then  "window shop" at the galleries.  Had a nice breakfast at a small little cafe called " Em Le's".  Much better than the Denny's I ate at earlier in the week.  Yech.  Afterwards I wandered up and down the village visiting and peeking my head into various galleries and gift shops.  Lots of nice places with garden "stuff" or decor. I wanted to get something, but nothing said "Buy ME!" plus the fact that I parked blocks and a few hills away and the stuff I liked were heavy.  One way to conserve money.  Before I left Carmel, I stopped off at the grocery to pick up something to cook in camp and other essentials (bottle of wine etc.)  By the time I left Carmel it was about 2PM.  The short drive to Big Sur (26 mi) was very nice - stopped a couple of times for Kodak moments.  Missed a big moment though.  The famous bridge you always see - I noticed to late to make the turnoff.

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Carmel by the Sea

A village similar to La Jolla, but with more restaurants, galleries, shops and charm


Jelly Fish: Fine Art  A special exhibit of the Art inspired by Marine life and Marine life as Art





The 5th Harry Potter book came out just the day or so before, and this boy was already on the last few pages - oblivious to the sights and hubbub around him.

Xena @ Pt. Lobos

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