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Big Sur, Morro Bay & San Luis Obispo

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Wednesday, July 2: I got to the Big Sur campgrounds around 2:30. As I suspected from the camp map and walking around the campgrounds - I got the BEST site. It was above all the others on top of a hill and not next to anyone. Just above me are a couple of cabins for the camp workers. From what I can tell, there is a single woman camper just below me. Do you think they put singles near their cabins rather than families - knowing they will be quiet? No matter to me, I felt safe up there.

By the time I put up my tent and made myself lunch; it was already 3:30. I was tired from hiking around Carmel and it was so quiet and peaceful, I decided to just relax. So, I walked around the campgrounds, checked out the Big Sur River that runs along side the campground, typed up this report and basically lazed around camp reading. Ahhh... nice.

Thursday, July 3: Hwy 101. A beautiful drive, in spite of the fog. I stopped off at Pfeiffer State Park and did a short hike to Pfeiffer Falls. I also had to stop at Lucia, Big Sur. Had to get the T-shirt. Yeah, I have a whole city named after me. Well, more like a rest stop, but you can’t beat the views. I got to Morro Bay around lunchtime and found a spot to have a picnic lunch before checking into my hotel. I wan’t impressed and a bit disappointed with Morro Bay. A touristy spot with souvenir shops and seafood chains. After Carmel and working everyday in La Jolla – it spoils you for anything less than ideal.

I decided to make the best of it and go Shopping! Whenever I go to a new city, I love to visit their used bookstores. I found a couple that were in downtown San Luis Obispo, just a few miles from Morro Bay. As I was driving about SLO, I noticed a number of people setting up street BBQs. I figured it was for the next day – 4th of July. After shopping a bit, I decided to have an early dinner at an intriguing looking, fusion cuisine restaurant, Novo. They had a gorgeous back patio – where I ate a wonderful meal. What a surprise when I walked out the front door! In the hour or so the main drag turned into a festival! Turns out SLO has a huge Farmers Market every Thursday evening. It is blocks long with food venders, farmers, musicians and artisans. It looked like everyone in SLO was there. I had a great time – in some ways regretting that I could've had a BBQ dinner, but I don’t regret eating at Novo. Next time I'll skip Morro Bay and explore and stay in SLO instead... making sure I’m there on a Thursday night.

Friday, 4th of July: I drove home to San Diego and made it back in time to see the local fireworks show at the High School. Great vacation. I can't wait to do it again.


Big Sur and HWY 101

HWY  101 - Pacific Coast Hwy:  From Monterey to Big Sur

Big Sur Campgounds, site #37


Big Sur River
California Coast Redwood Trees
Pfeiffer Falls, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Trail, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park HWY 101, S. of Big Sur Lucia, Big Sur HWY 101, N. of Morro Bay

San Luis Obispo & Morro Bay
Novo Restaurant Patio
SLO, Farmers Market
Bautista Farms!
BBQ  lines
Sunset, Morro Bay Rock


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