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On Thursday, June 26th, I drove up to meet my sister, Kathy and brother-in-law, Louie at a campground about 20 miles east of Bishop. I left San Diego at 5AM and got into camp around 10AM. Louie couldn't believe I made the 350 mi trip in about 5 hrs... Uhmm, tailwind. K&L had been camping & fishing since earlier in the week at various lakes further north. Unfortunately, fishing was very slow the whole week. At least for Kathy and I. Somehow, Louie managed to limit out almost every day. I think I caught two the whole weekend. It was so bad, on the last day, I spotted Kathy using my "fish towel" to wipe the top of her soda can - knowing it was the cleanest thing around. <sigh> The only thing I did get was a really bad sunburn. Yeah, I actually got burned. On the second day, I forgot to put on sunscreen until it was too late. The combination of not having a significant pre-tan, high altitude (9000 ft+), heat (80's) and reflection off the water made it prime burning conditions. Luckily, it was just my forearms. So for about five days I had blisters and swollen arms. Lovely. First time for everything.

The weather all weekend was perfect. Mid to high 80's, clear skies. Down in Bishop it was in the 90's! Earlier in the week it had actually snowed in Mammoth. While I don't remember if it actually snowed on them, Kathy said some of the places they went the cars and tents were covered with snow. In JUNE almost JULY!

Friday evening, we drove to Bishop to celebrate Kathy and Louie's 39th wedding anniversary! Kathy and I shopped at the local bookstore, while Louie went to the Fly fishing store where he bought the fishing waders he's been wanting for years. We then had a nice dinner at Whiskey Creek, originally a lodge, now converted into a large restaurant.

Saturday morning we drove to Convict Lake. But not before having the best breakfast around at Tom's Place. Convict is 35 miles north of Bishop - a beautiful lake, but no hungry fish. After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon at Intake II, not catching fish. We mainly fished there because there was shady places to fish along the shoreline... I couldn't take anymore sun. Louie caught his limit - but he was at the spillway, in direct heat and sun. He tried to convince Kathy and I to move over to where he was, but we both would rather sit in the shade, read our books AND fish. Comfort overruled catching fish. :-) That night we had a fresh fish dinner. Nothing better.

Some of the places we fished that weekend - Lake Sabrina, South Lake, Intake II, Convict, and Bishop Creek.

Sunday morning, we packed up camp and went our separate ways. K & L returned home to San Dimas and I continued on my road trip to the coast and Monterey. I drove west through Tioga Pass and Yosemite National Park. I HAD to stop at Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite. See the MAP. When I was in Jr High and HS, we would spend at least a week every summer (sometimes twice) in Tuolumne. Nothing has changed. I was tempted to camp there overnight, but the "weekend before the 4th crowds" was a bit much. So instead I walked a bit along the stream and meadows and shopped at the campground store. Louie reminded me that I shouldn't forget to get a soft-serve ice cream cone while I was there. It was always a special treat when we were camping. We would eat our cones and watch the hikers come in from the wilderness and the tourists drive through. We would pick out the Europeans from the Americans. It wasn't hard. :-) But alas, nothing has changed. The summer help was the same quality - they had forgot to turn on the ice cream machine.

So, I continued down to Yosemite Valley, a 40 mile drive. I took me about 2-3 hrs. A leisurely mountain drive with lots of stops to take in the scenery. When I got to the bottom, I decided to forgo the crowds - I skipped going into Yosemite Valley and continued on to Monterey.

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Fishing, Fishing, Fishing
or the reason it's called "fishing" and not "catching"

South Lake, Bishop CA

High Sierra Clouds

Fishing at Convict Lake

Intake II, Bishop, CA

Wild Things


Blue Flag Iris
Bark or Bird?
Mt Pride Penstemon
Tioga Pass, Tuolumne and Yosemite
Sierra Stream
Tioga Pass - Snow!
Ellery Lake Blues
Tuolumne River, Yosemite
Tuolumne River, Yosemite
Lampert Dome, Tuolumne
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite
Olmsted Pt. Half Dome
Quick! Gabrielle! Get the poles! I see dinner!
Xena in Yosemite
Yosemite River

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