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Friday, May 3: Greenwich Village, Seaport Museum, Ground Zero, The Producers

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Friday, May 3: Greenwich Village, Seaport Museum, Ground Zero, The Producers


This day turned out to be a beautiful day, though gusty winds kept it cool and crisp. While Terry attended her conference, Diva, Adele and I decided to spend the day wondering around Greenwich Village book and antique stores and maybe walk the Brooklyn bridge. We arrived at the village and made our way to The Strand Bookstore. WOW. It's huge. They boast 8 miles of bookshelves. Filled with mostly used and some new books (mostly publishers overruns). The basement is had a large children's book department and a huge inventory of preprint books (books given to reviewers prior to release). We spent quite a long time browsing the stacks. I only walked out with one book. I saw a Annie Leibovitz book I've been wanting, but it was not a big enough bargain to lug the book around for the rest of the day. We continued our walk in search of some restrooms... Hey, Barnes and Noble... they have restrooms! So of course we browsed... For lunch we decided we wanted NY Deli. Of course we couldn't find one. But we did end up in a Korean version of a Deli. They had a huge self-serve Asian food layout and a deli sandwich counter... so we got our pastrami sandwiches after all.

By now we were pretty tired. One of our goals for the day was to go down to Ground Zero/WTC area to pick up tickets for the viewing platform for the next day. The tickets were free, but they are given out on first come first serve basis for specific times. We took the subway to the financial district and walked to Ground Zero. The following page are pictures of Ground Zero area that I took that afternoon and the next morning. The destruction is still evident and from what we could see, much of the debris had been cleared. [Note: Approximately a month later - on 30May02, recovery and clearing of the WTC debris was officially concluded] However, many of the surrounding buildings are still in disrepair and/or waiting to be removed.

We found out that the tickets for the viewing platform could be obtained at the Seaport Museum a few blocks away. We picked up tickets for the next morning so Terry could accompany us. We then rested our weary feet by the docks in the Seaport area .... drinking beer and lemonade and watching the tourists. Seaport reminds me of Seaport Village in San Diego, Baltimore Harbor and Auckland Harbor in New Zealand. A place for locals to take tourists when they visit. Lots of shops, restaurants, and nice views.

We returned to our hotel to shower and change for the theater. We bought tickets to see the Mel Brooks musical - The Producers. Unfortunately Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane recently left the show, but their replacements were very good - Steven Weber (TV Show Wings) and Brad Oscar. Weber was better than I thought he would be and Oscar was very similar to Nathan Lane. It wasn't hard to see that the Oscar/Lane character was written with Lane in mind. I enjoyed the play but wasn't as enthralled with it as many reviews I read. Halfway through I realized why.... I was never a huge Mel Brooks fan. Duh.... Nevertheless, it was worth seeing. After the theater we ended up at Martini's for a late dinner. Good Cosmopolitans! I had pizza which turned out to be similar to a California Pizza Kitchen Pizza. I wonder how these go over with the native New Yorkers??


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