South Island


A few of the breathtaking sights of South Island.
  • Top middle: A few of the 48 million sheep...
  • Top & Bottom Right: Waterfalls along the road to Milford Sound.
  • Middle: Lake Tekapo
  • Middle Right, Bottom and Top Left: Mt. Cook.

    These are pictures from our travels to Milford Sound and Mt. Cook. On the DAY 3 we hopped on a bus for an all day trip to Milford Sound. Our plan was to ride the bus to Milford Sound, where we would take a tour boat around the Sound then return to Queenstown in a small plane for some arial views. Well, Mother Nature had different plans. It RAINED. Rained so much none of the boats were going out and they were worried that the road would be closed. So we didn't even get out of the bus, but went right back to Queenstown. The good news - with all the rain the waterfalls were full and numerous. Too bad my pictures didn't do them justice.

    The next day (DAY 4) we left Queenstown and north to Christchurch via Mt. Cook.